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Startup and maintenance menu for Intel chipset powered Macs


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rEFIt is a graphic startup menu for MAc computers according to EFI Standard (those ones powered by Intel chipsets) that allows you to run any Operating System installed in the machine.

It's compatible with BootCamp, and rEFIt features an icon of each OS it detects. Use the arrows and 'Enter' key to select the one you want to run. Press F2 or ' ' to access settings of each volume. You can also use the initial letter of each OS to run that Operating System, we mean, M for MAc, W for Windows and L for Linux.

The installation is pretty easy, although it can be done in several ways. It's recommendable to use the installer. Be careful, Mac OS updates can disable rEFIt, so you'll have to enable it again.

If you are using Leopard and rEFIt Menu doesn't appear, you chould execute the file named 'enable-always.sh' you'll find in the following folder: uptodown -> efi -> refit. Execute it using Terminal by typing ./ right before the filename.

For Intel ÇChipset MAc computers.
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